An Unexpected Journey

"Health is the condition of wisdom, and the sign is cheerfulness — an open and noble temper." – Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Operation Look, perform & Feel Better” October 16, 2012

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Today was mostly a cardio day, so that meant two classes.  One during my lunch break and the other after work.  Since my gym recently screwed up one of my classes (read: they changed it to a format that is both dull and doesn’t get my heart rate up enough) I’ve had to rearrange my workout schedule for the week.  These two classes on the same day are part of that plan.

Lunch Time Workout
“Pre-Season Sports Conditioning” at NYSC 41st and 3rd Avenue.  This session involved a good combination of strength and cardio, and by the end I was definitely worn out!  Among the tougher exercises were pike push ups into a reverse crunch), a one arm dumbbell lift from a plank position and constant vaulting over risers back and forth.  Still sore from my Monday workout, this one was particularly rough!

After Work Exercise
I’m officially hooked on a boxing class that takes place at NYSC in the Theater District.  The class is a combination of boxing and calisthenics.  Last week the class was split in two, with one half doing an exercise and the other half boxing.  This week there were several stations set up (four of which were boxing stations) with varying exercises including jumping over obstacles, a rope ladder you had to perform various foot movements on (single leg hop etc.) and the ol’ standby: running up and down stairs (the class takes place in a lower level studio).  This one was much more killer than the last, but I got to have a ton of fun (and burn cals) in the process!


Author: bensonyee

Much to his surprise, Ben Yee was born in New York City in 1975 and grew up along the pizzeria lined streets of Brooklyn. His greatest treasures are his friends and family and he is on a constant quest to improve himself. Ben works at Pfizer, Inc. and currently resides in New Jersey with Rhino, the mighty cat. If anyone thinks that writing a brief bio in the third person is strange and silly, you're absolutely right.

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