An Unexpected Journey

"Health is the condition of wisdom, and the sign is cheerfulness — an open and noble temper." – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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A Super Storm, the Turkey and a Shoulder

Over the course of the past few weeks, I have consistently found this thought running through my head on a daily basis “I need to update the blog.” and then something else would occupy my time, a reminder that I have been spending the last few weeks reassembling crucial pieces of my life.

Several weeks ago, a “Super Storm” known as Sandy hit my area.  This wasn’t just some rain and wind, this was going to be severe winds with the potential of causing incredible amounts of damage.  I had to prepare to deal with no power, lack of supplies and stock up on more canned goods than I’ve owned at one time in years.  The storm came and knocked out everything from mass transit to power to supply chains for stores.  All my paranoid preparation had paid off, but as you can imagine, getting to the gym and eating fresh foods was not in the cards during the week the storm struck and my city dug its way out of what it left behind.

Almost in parallel, what had been an annoying pain in my left shoulder finally took a turn for the worse, becoming extreme pain and limiting my mobility to an unacceptable level.  After visiting an Orthopedist, it was determined that I have an impingement in the left shoulder.  Between the diagnosis, the pain and my lack of mobility, I decided to begin physical therapy and this will be the first full week.  One of the key points made in therapy was that I cannot exert that arm and shoulder too much.  My therapy is focused on strengthening and stretching exercises (with some electronic stimulation, heat and ice being applied).

Fast forward to this week.  Between Sandy, my injury and Thanksgiving I know I’ve put on a few pounds (the ol’ belt feels tighter) and I’ve felt rather lethargic.  Unfortunately entropy began to settle in last week based on a mixture of frustration with my injury and falling into old habits.

Starting this Monday, I decided to use a modified version of my workout routine.  Much less emphasis on the upper body but a focus on cardio.  This is a mixture of my normal Boot Camp style classes (where I have to modify exercises regularly), running and stairmaster work.  I’m still doing lower body weight work and my physical therapy allows me some upper body band work.

My therapy is going to be at least six weeks worth of hard work (I’m usually exhausted after each session) so it’s going to take some extra discipline to get me back on track.  Fingers crossed!